trevor carey

Parents, Not Kids, Are Abusing Technology
When I think of people who abuse technology, I think of kids/teens playing video games for hours at a time, texting late at night, sitting at the table tweeting -- basically removed from a normal existence on this planet.
But it seems that might not truly be the case.
Look And See If You Are Getting Old!
I saw this headline -- "50 Things That Look Just Like Your Childhood" -- and I thought, "I can't wait to see these childhood items." As I scrolled through the old pics of pop culture, I started noticing that half of the items were from my grown-up days. I rea…
Water Safety For Kids [VIDEO]
I remember when I was about seven, I watched a bunch of fully dressed grown men jump into the deep end of a pool and rescue a little girl who had fallen in without much notice. It's just a snapshot from my childhood, but it stuck with me.

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