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Val Townsend & Tony P’s Halloween Pasts
If you haven't heard us say it enough lately, we LOVE Halloween.  Aside from the chilly weather that is in store this year, what's not to love??  You get to dress up and hit the town while doing something you were always told not to - accept candy from strangers...
Galleria Of Treats – Kids Escaping Drugs!
Join us for the 22nd Annual Kids Escaping Drugs (KED) Galleria of Treats this Thursday, October 27th from 11am-8pm at the Walden Galleria on the lower level in front of Bravo! Val and Tony will be broadcasting LIVE 3-7pm. 

Additional Information
The event features dozens of trick-or-treating tabl…
I Gave Out Staplers, Bouillon Cubes, and Soy Sauce
So yesterday, we had the time-honored discussion about "how old is too old" to trick or treat.
Eric and I feel there should be an unspoken cut-off age of about 12 or 13...Or, as soon as you're old enough to have working papers and buy your own candy...
What’s the Best Thing For An Adult Trick or Treat Bag? [AUDIO]
Yesterday, we asked what you gave out when you ran out of candy.  Your suggestions were HILARIOUS.
Today, we switched gears and asked what would be cool to get in your trick or treat bag, as an adult.
Again, getting creative.  Top on our (Keith Kelly and mine) list:

gift cards
airline bottles / booze
Do You Travel for the Sake of Good Trick-Or-Treating?
A new study showed the best cities for trick-or-treating....basically it's places where young, rich people live close together in safe neighborhoods.
San Francisco came in first, followed by San Jose, Los Angeles, Milwaukee, and Phoenix.
Lots of you called this morning and said you DO travel for …

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