Truth or Trash

Truth or Trash: Friday the 13th Questions
On the Mix Morning Rush we love to play our game "Truth or Trash" in which we pair up two listeners and see which one can get the most questions correct while going back and forth!
Because today is Friday the 13th we made all the questions related to it...
Headlines: Truth or Trash
The sign "Mission Accomplished," that was supposedly hung on the USS Abraham Lincoln during a May 2003 visit by President George Bush was superimposed. The real sign said "Continue our Mission". (Trash) As incredible as it seems the sign did say Mission Accomplis…
Headline Truth or Trash
"Apple to Introduce the i-Etch-a-Sketch" (Trash) They already have's called the iPad.
"Washington Monument Painted Pink for Breast Cancer Awareness Month" (Trash) But at the Lincoln Memorial, Abe's is wearing his button.