Grandma Invites Wrong Guest to Thanksgiving Dinner [VIDEO]
Before Grandma gets run over by a reindeer, she will be preparing an extra large Thanksgiving meal because of a mistaken text.
A 17 year old Arizona teen received the error text from a random grandma, who then said it was ok for him to join.  W...
Common Mistakes Made Cooking Thanksgiving Turkey
We called the Butterball Hotline earlier, and asked some of your questions....legit or otherwise (listen at 7:10a tomorrow morning to hear the call!).
(For the record, no, you cannot use frozen giblets as ice cubes for your cocktail.)
Since we played it kind of tongue-in-cheek there, we decided to sha…
Ground Turkey…Literally! [VIDEO]
I proudly admit it...I am a "country boy"...and I THOUGHT I was married to a "country girl! I watched this YouTube video and quickly showed it to my wife. She just as quickly asked me, "are you out of your mind?". So what's the problem with cooking our Thanksgiving turkey, a…

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