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Tony P’s Valentine’s Day Do’s & Don’ts
Guys - If you didn't know, Valentine's Day is a very big day for the ladies and they expect you to not only show up, but also put forth an effort.  It's really not all that difficult to pull off but we men sometimes lose focus on the task.  To make it easier on you, I have a…
Love Messages Day 2 [AUDIO]
Here's the Day 2 Love Messages! Send us yours by leaving a voice message at 716-241-9696 and be entered to win the Val-and-Tony's Day Date Night giveaway! Details here.
Val & Tony’s Best Dating Fails
We're less than a week to Valentine's Day, and want you to learn from the mistakes we've made and/or witnessed others make! Here's our favorite fails from our love lives.
Val's "Hot, Spoiled (and Completely Douchey)" Would-Be Suitor
**Note: You may need a sho…
How To Fall In Love With Anyone
Over 20 years ago, the psychologist Dr. Arthur Aron was able to make two strangers fall in love in his lab. Two years ago, a writer for the New York Times tried to recreate Aron's experiment.
It's a story that's been one of the most read "Modern Love" columns in the T…
The Language(s) Of Love
Do you know the languages of love?
A few weeks ago I was listening to an episode of Gretchen Rubin's podcast, "Happier..." which featured a segment on The Five Love Languages -- a 1995 book authored by Gary Chapman.
If you haven't heard of the "Love Languages," here's a quick break…
Love At First (In-Person) Sight — Would You? [VIDEO]
Maybe I've watched one too many Dr. Phil episodes, but despite my self-proclaimed "hopeless romantic" status, I just think something like this is 100% insane.
I've also done my fair share of online dating/communicating in the past.  It's REALLY easy to represent yourself one way online, whi…

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