valentines day

The Language(s) Of Love
Do you know the languages of love?
A few weeks ago I was listening to an episode of Gretchen Rubin's podcast, "Happier..." which featured a segment on The Five Love Languages -- a 1995 book authored by Gary Chapman.
If you haven't heard of the "Love Languages," here's a quick break…
Love At First (In-Person) Sight — Would You? [VIDEO]
Maybe I've watched one too many Dr. Phil episodes, but despite my self-proclaimed "hopeless romantic" status, I just think something like this is 100% insane.
I've also done my fair share of online dating/communicating in the past.  It's REALLY easy to represent yourself one way online, whi…
Valentine’s Day Ideas For the Cheap Romantic
There are ways to be romantic and not spend a ton of money. Todd Harding has done everything on this list over the years. Some of the ideas do take a little bit of work. These are Todd's 5 favorite money-saving Valentine's Day Ideas.

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