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Taylor Swift Talks Valentine’s Day Plans
Taylor Swift, the perpetual bachelorette or serial monogamist (depending on how you see her), won't have super romantic plans for Valentine's Day.
T. Swift told Ryan Seacrest that she'll either be hangin' with her girlfriends (perhaps throwing a Galentine's Day party) or rehearsing for her for her si…
5 Myths & Legends That Make Valentine’s Day Interesting
Every year we try to talk ourselves out of caring about Valentine’s Day and every year we give in to the fun of celebrating love. Or, specifically not celebrating love, if that’s your thing. Either way, even if it’s become way too commercialized, we always pay attention to society’s day of love.
Valentine’s Day Is Over And Done: Did You Screw Up? [VIDEO]
Did you screw up on Valentine's Day? Ellen DeGeneres is out with a list of the worst Valentine's Day gifts ever. She simply asked her Facebook fans for a little input and came up with a wild list that, in some cases, would likely lead to a break up! Is this you? What's the worst gift …

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