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Watch How This Dad Deals With His Lazy Son [VIDEO]
My son Mark wanted a new video game for Christmas and got it. We have no problem with that because he's a full time student at Buff State and he works a part time job. Now, this father isn’t happy with that fact that his son is not working.  What does dad do about it?  …
Redditor Sells Wii U for Zero Profit, Saves Kid’s Christmas
Oh good! It may as well be December, which means we can cue the Christmas warm and fuzzies. Even though some people think of Reddit as a bastion of misogyny and smut, this story made the front page, and it's totally heartwarming and wholesome. It's about one Redditor with a heart of gold w…
Coming Soon: Angry Birds – The Theme Park!
Do your kids drive you crazy playing Angry Birds all the time ? Is even the debut of Angry Birds:Space later this month not enough to calm the passions of your Birds fanatic?  Well, get ready to fly (by plane, not slingshot) to - Finland!
Got “Call Of Duty MW 3″?
The traditional stereotype of gamers- people who play video games on computers, hand-held units or smartphones - has been, well, geeky, and predominantly male. But a new survey lobs a plasma grenade into that image.

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