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This Video Had Me WEEPING With Laughter!
Sometimes, the silliest things kick off a giggle-fest.
This is one of them.
The :15 mark made me HOWL.
Please, if you have a baby at home, DO THIS. Send us the video. We'll make them a viral sensation*.  Buffalo Christmas babies unite...
Bills Do The ‘Mannequin Challenge’ And Crush It
Our Buffalo Bills might be on a 2 game losing streak but they just scored a big win in the 'Mannequin Challenge'.  They took the challenge to new heights, literally, on their way to Seattle.
The 'Mannequin Challenge' is the latest viral craze that is taking over th…
You Down with PPAP? Yeah You Know Me! [VIDEO]
There are literally millions of hours you could waste on YouTube.  Millions.
It's easy to drown in a sea of our favorite viral videos.
Charlie Bit My Finger.  Leave Britney Alone.  And who could forget Gagnam Style.
Well, here's the latest and greatest (IMHO), and it may very w…
2 News Anchors Hate Each Other! [VIDEO]
Do you you work with people like this exchanging back-handed compliments and you can just FEEL the hatred in the room?  Check out this 2 minute clip of awesomeness!  Video credit to Amazinglife 247 via YouTube.
Little Boy’s Reaction to Auto Sliding Doors Is Awwwww Moment
Little kids being amazed by the world never gets old. Whether it's discovering what happens when they run too fast or the noise your dog makes when they won't stop yanking on its ears or maybe its what happens when you pull on the edge of the table cloth while you're sitting on the floor...
Kids have…
Video Conference Call In Real Life!
Hi-larious.  We all know how this goes.  Video conference calls are ANNOYING!  By the time it takes to connect everyone and get the audio working it wastes more time than a real meeting!  The clip is funny and SPOT-ON.  Video credit to Tripp and Tyler via YouTube.
Snail With Cats! [VIDEO]
Here's my weekly viral cat vid.  Check it out, this snail is just chillin' with these two cats.  Adorable yet almost terrifying!  I almost thought the cat was gonna bite the thing's head off!  Video credit to かご猫 Blog via YouTube.

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