Four Benefits of Walking if You Aren’t Into Running [SPONSORED]
Running obviously has a ton of health benefits, but not everyone can get out there and jog 10 miles to burn calories. Fortunately, studies are showing that walking can be just as good for your overall health (THANK GOD), and in some cases is even more beneficial than running (especially around a poo…
Texting Lanes For Distracted Pedestrians? [VIDEO]
What started as an April fools joke to raise awareness about distracted pedestrians is getting some serious attention now.  It happened in Philadelphia, where a special lane was set aside for walkers who spend a little too much time texting.
Firming The Buns With The Treadmill
I have no idea what happened to winter and I have been waking up to the birds singing the praises of the warm weather. If you like to exercise, you've been able to do it all winter without much hesitation because of the weather.