Western New York Feels Like Spring this Weekend
Yesterday was our first taste of spring this year. Will the weather last? We will have to wait to see.  But as far as this weekend goes the weather has been amazing. In fact according to WGRZ temperatures have been 10-15 degrees above normal...
How Fast Were the Wind Gusts Last Night?
The wind last night was insane! It woke me from deep sleep and kept me awake for most of the evening. To me it sounded like my house was going to cave in, and I'm sure many others heard the same noises!
This morning there were traffic issues all around the buffalo area, due to debris …
December Snowfall Above Average
It seemed like the nice warm weather was gonna last forever... we made it pretty far into December without any snow! But then it came, and we got hit hard.
According to WGRZ snowfall totals for this December are already above average and that's even with the late start. Nor...
3 Feet of Snow in Hawaii??
Story of snow on Big Island of Hawaii is very cool & visual. However it happens all the time. Even in the tropics 11-13,000' is cold. @WGRZ
— Patrick Hammer (@pathammer) December 2, 2016
When you think of places like Hawaii, you think of beautiful weather.…
Significant Lake Effect Snow For Next Weekend
According to the Buffalo News the National Weather Service is predicting a significant lake effect snow storm to shape up over the next week. The same warning reminds people to:
It Could Always Be Worse
Yes, it snowed.
On this, the week of Thanksgiving, let us be grateful that we aren't reliving this particular week in November 2000, and 2014.
The past seven days my Facebook "On This Day" has reminded me of two major storms that both have anniversaries this week...
Get Your Shovels Ready
Get the snowblowers out, have your gas cans filled, and shovels ready -- WNY could see its first significant snowfall this weekend.
I've been fooled by the unseasonably nice weather -- we are already halfway through November, after all.
According to WGRZ...

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