Kelly Clarkson Dishes More on ‘Earthy’ Outdoor Wedding
Kelly Clarkson has finally found her Prince Charming and he's a total pair of Wranglers. Wait, what? Clarkson explained to PEOPLE Magazine, "I was dating skinny jeans and I needed Wranglers." No more pretty boy jerk types for the 'Stronger' songstress, she's fou…
Women: Would You Ever Propose to Your Man?
Some woman think that they would. Some woman have and it's no big deal. Some woman are traditional and some would just think about leaving if they were waiting to long. But, everyone has an opinion on this one what would YOU do?
Wedding Crashers, Royal Division [VIDEO]
Manchester, England's Town Hall may need to work on its security. Friday's wedding of John and Frances Canning was notable for two special guests who, while they didn't R.S.V.P, were certainly welcome.

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