Top 5 Wedding Reception Pet Peeves in Buffalo [LIST]
As wedding season is upon us, we go to these elegant, beautiful weddings to celebrate our friends and family. Though as big and elegant as these events are, there's always that one thing that really just ticks you off.
Earlier we got tons of calls of your pet peeves that included anything from "…
5 Best Wedding Entrances Down The Church Aisle
What's the best wedding entrance songs for the church? Looking to go down the church aisle in style at your wedding? There's a little something for everyone here if you don't want to do the traditional and beautiful slow stroll down the aisle to your groom...
5 Best Wedding Reception Entrances Of All Time
What are the best wedding reception entrance songs there are? Looking for good wedding entrance dances? Well, over the years, people have gotten more creative, but we have found you the best wedding entrances you need to consider if you need an idea...
Proposing To Girls Prank [VIDEO]
I think this video is even funnier due to the fact it's in Japan and he sometimes TRIES to speak it.  Anyway, always a fan of wedding proposal pranks and FAILs so, here you go!
Buffalo’s Worst Marriage Proposal Stories [LIST]
All of my friends are starting to get engaged and listening to one of my friend's ideas to propose was hard to listen to. It was the worst idea that I have ever heard and I can't even imagine what his girlfriend would think after she was done being excited...
Matron of Honor Raps ‘Fresh Prince’ Buffalo-Style
One of the best if not BEST Matron of Honor Speech's of all time.  Check it out as she raps the 'Fresh Prince' theme with a Buffalo, NY, twist for the bride.  The looks are priceless. Listen to the entire thing and be sure to catch the Western New York shoutouts in her rap!

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