Weight Loss

19 Ways To Drop Weight From Around The World
I can guarantee that every single time you sit down to watch TV you will see an add on to lose weight. Throughout the year you will always see adds, but they increase during the end of the year. Every celebrity is hawking a product or diet program.
Wow! Man Loses Nearly 200 Pounds in Bet With Wife [VIDEO]
Frustrated by her husband’s lack of motivation, Angela Wornick of NY challenged him to see who could lose weight the fastest as part of a New Year’s resolution. As a result of the bet, husband James shed an amazing 191 pounds over the span of 10 months. It was a losin…
Getting Hypnotized To Lose Weight?
It started about a year and a half ago. I was already about 5-10 pounds over what I wanted to weigh, and then "the kidney stone". Did it cause me to gain weight, not as a root cause, but it caused me to drink more water, and every time I went to the refrigerator to get a bottle of water,…
What The Skinny Know About Losing Weight
If your trying to drop pounds don't torture yourself. With proper diet and exercise the weight will come off. I know we want to drop 10 lbs a week like those on The Biggest Looser. Once you have dropped the weight maintaining it is another battle.
Cut 500 Calories A Day
Here we go... it's back to work and many of us are feeling like a diet is in order after the holidays!  Why not try these simply ways to cut calories and pounds...