White House

The Obamas Send Out Their Last White House Christmas Card
The Obama Christmas card is giving me all kinds of feelings about them leaving in a month. 😭 pic.twitter.com/xhS4TaIj7A
— Katie Poole (@katiepoole912) December 9, 2016
It's crazy to think its already been 8 years. It feels like just yesterday that President Obama was sworn in to be the lea…
Official White House Beer Recipe Revealed
People worked themselves up into such a fizz over news that the President brews his own beer that the White House decided to share its recipe. You may not be able to debate like Obama, but now you can drink like him!
A Marshmallow Shooting At The White House [VIDEO]
What would George Washington have thought?  Where was the Secret Service?  President Obama joined a young Arizona boy in launching marshmallows across the state dining room of the White House.  I can hear America's mothers saying collectively, "What do you think this is …