Amherst Woman Gives Birth on Williamsville Side Street [VIDEO]
Sometimes babies just want to make a grand entrance – even if it's on a residential street in Williamsville.
Do you know anyone who's given birth outside of say, the hospital or a birthing center?
Incidentally, we were talking earlier this morning about what funny name this baby could …
Top 3 Things to Do in Williamsville, NY
This week we check out the historic village of Williamsville, NY!  Quick a first history fact then we're off to the fun stuff. Did you know the FIRST mill was built by Jonas Williams in 1811, giving the village its first name, "Williams Mills"...
The Top 5 Breakfast Joints in Williamsville, NY [LIST]
Sometimes you need some help so you're not going to the same place over and over again. Chances are that if you're from Williamsville you've already been to all five of these places, but if you haven't checked them off your list yet--are you really a true Williamsville native...
The Stories That Could Be Told From A Cheektowaga Cemetery
I’m always amazed at the impact this area had on American history. Most of the worst battles of the War of 1812 happened right here. The villages of Lewiston, Youngstown and Black Rock were destroyed. The village of Buffalo was burned to the ground by the British.