Wine Tasting

Tony Tries: Loganberry Wine Taste Test Trickery [VIDEO]
It's Tuesday so we have another Tony Tries where this time I am trying Loganberry wine!  I love Loganberry, so making it as a wine is a home run to me.  Val unfortunately had other plans for me.
My job was to do a blind taste test of the wines, describe them, and pick my favorite…
Tasty Treats: Merritt Wine and Girl Scout Cookies
Merritt Winery has been making wine in Forestville, NY for 40 years, and this week they brought some to the Mix96 studio for us to try.  Now this wasn't your ordinary wine tasting. We took Merritt wine and paired it with Girl Scout cookies...
Wine & Chocolate Affair: Midgard Winery
With the Wine & Chocolate Affair happening this Saturday, March 4th at the Tonawanda Castle, we felt like it was only fitting to have a winery in studio for the show today.  John from Midgard Winery out of Corfu, NY stopped by to brighten our spirits!
Wine-Tasting Like A Pro! [VIDEO]
In anticipation for our "Buffalo Uncorked 2015" event at theHyatt Regency downtown March 5th, I thought I'd give you a little "cheat-sheet" on wine-tasting basics.  Salud! Credit: The Good Stuff via YouTube