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Today Is National Wear Red Day For Women’s Heart Health
I've got my red on today, do you? On behalf of the women we love, today is the day we 'Go Red for Women.' We support women's heart health today in conjunction with the American Heart Association. Support the various local organizations and businesses across Western New York that …
Getting On Track For The Holidays
My friend and I were laughing this afternoon, when we realized that neither of us had been to the gym and had fallen off of our programs. Oh no !! I am starting to see a pattern. During the holidays, the hustle and bustle takes first place in my life. I thought, "maybe I should wait for the…
Combatting The Fat Gene
I guess you can't always blame it on genetics. If your parents are obese than you should be obese right? Wrong. When I heard about the fat gene, I immediately sighed and not one nice thought popped into my head.  According to new research, you can overcome the fat gene with a little help.