WNY Diversity Job Fair Info
The Western New York Diversity Job Fair is Wednesday, September 12, 2012 at the Buffalo Niagara Convention Center from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m.  If you’re looking for work, a career change or the education to help you land your dream job — or if you’re a company th…
What is Proper Work Attire?
Summer comes, and everyone breaks out the cooler clothes. Makes sense. Only problem is, are those short shorts or that revealing top work appropriate?
How To Deal With A Rude Co-Worker
When I think of rude co-workers my mind immediately races to Mimi on the Drew Carey Show. Rude co-workers are not only a 9-5 problem, they can affect your life after work too.
So You Are Back To Work
How does it feel to be back at work after a long holiday weekend? What drives you crazy at work? 32% of employees list "loud talkers" as one of their biggest pet peeves in the office, according to a survey by Randstad.
Cheryl’s Office Politics… Help?
Getty ImagesSo you think you're doing a good job, no a great job... and then you find out someone in your office is critiquing your every move and making it known to the boss!  Angry, yeah... but how do you handle it?  A friend recently asked me this question...