Yankee Candle Recall — What You Need to Know
Candles are a staple in gift-giving, especially when it comes to Secret Santa exchanges!
My friend Maria is also obsessed with Yankee Candles.  When she finds a deal on them, it's Christmas morning all day long to her.
If you're also a candle connoisseur, heads up...
New York Yankees’ Derek Jeter Says 2014 Will Be His Last Season
Derek Jeter announced through his Facebook page on Wednesday that 2014 would be his final season in Major League Baseball.
The New York Yankees shortstop posted the following statement on his Facebook page.
Derek Jeter - Timeline Photos | Facebook
The Yankees drafted Jeter out of high school in 1992…
Tim Tebow Booed In New York [Video]
New Yorkers are a tough crowd!  When former Broncos Quarterback Tim Tebow left Denver for the lights of New York City, he probably never imagined how tough Jets fans could be.
One-Armed War Vet Wows Crowd by Catching Foul Ball [VIDEO]
“I thought I was going to catch the ball or go over the railing,” said Michael Kacer of the foul ball he caught at Yankee Stadium Friday.
The 29-year old vet had lost his left arm in Afghanistan, so he had nothing to brace himself with when he used his baseball cap as a gl…

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