The Dumbest Thing You’ve Watched a YouTube Tutorial For
As I mentioned earlier, I did some home-improvement(ish) stuff over break.  Nothing huge, just some stuff I've never done before, since this is the first home I've ever owned.
Before the grouting project could begin, I did what EVERYONE seems to do when they don't know exactly how…
Happy 10th Anniversary YouTube! [VIDEO]
Wow time flies!  Can you believe it's been 10 years since YouTube was created.  Enjoy 198 videos in just a few minutes.  ULTIMATE at-work time killer.  haha  Credit  to Luc Bergeron via YouTube.
NFL Finally Has A YouTube Channel [VIDEO]
Better late than never, as the saying goes.
Major League Baseball has been posting highlights on YouTube since 2013....the NBA's YouTube channel launched back in 2007.
The NFL has taken the cue, and now has it's own channel....Ac...
Today is “National Puppy Day” [VIDEO]
Gee, who knew? Yes, today is National Puppy Day!  (Who makes up these things?) Can we agree we ALL love puppies, though all our canines have been adults when we got them since they have been rescue or shelter dogs.
Here Is Why I Didn’t Take Up Skiing! [VIDEO]
What a winter it has been -- especially great for the ski resorts and those who love to partake in the variety of cold weather skiing, which, for some reason, I just never got the hang of, despite numerous attempts.

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