It’s Not Nice To Tease Your Dog! [VIDEO]
I love doing these postings for the website...but sometimes your mind just draws a blank. I am so glad they told us in web posting school that if that should happen you can always fall back on two things. Children and animals. Folks LOVE those topics and/or videos. Today, the animal will be in …
Funny “Back To School” Commercial [VIDEO]
P.S 90 (Photo courtesy Buffalo Public Schools)It's that time of year...BACK TO SCHOOL!! Three words that bring joy to Mom and Dad and that sick feeling to those returning to the place of higher learning. I just happen to remember one of my favorite "Back To School" commercials…
Funny Pictures From The Net [VIDEO NSFW]
When was the last time a video really made you laugh, or at least smile? This one may get at least a few giggles out of even the most stone-faced individual!  Check out "Funny Pictures From Around The Internet" and then let us know what you laughed at - or didn't find fu…
Happy Birthday To The Bikini! [VIDEO]
Please forgive me, I am a day late with this. How could I have forgotten? July 5, 1946 marks the day when a certain fashion item made it's debut at a Paris fashion show.
You guessed it. The bikini bathing suit was born...
“Milk In My Sippy Cup” [VIDEO]
Max looks like any other little kid with one big exception.  He's become a YouTube sensation with a music video called "Milk in My Sippy Cup."  The catchy tune was uploaded to YouTube a week ago and has had more than 500-thousand views so far.  The song is sure …
Happy 7th Birthday YouTube! [VIDEO]
YouTube is celebrating a birthday today! It was seven years ago, YouTube first began sharing videos with the world. Some of the videos made you laugh, some made you cry and others informed you of events around the world.
TV Weather Anchor Blooper [VIDEO]
We all make mistakes. Being in broadcasting for quite a few years now, I have slipped up a few times while live on the air. Sometimes it's embarrassing, usually it's funny. This time, it was probably both for this weather anchor.

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