Do you take a bite out of the ear, rump or foot first? I'm talking about your favorite chocolate bunny. Some traditions are hard to break.  I'm all grown up but every year I still purchase a chocolate bunny. I look forward to this treat along with the just born jelly beans. I will admit the bunny has shrunk since I've become older. I no longer need the foot long bunny, I prefer that "he" can fit snugly in my purse.

Who has the best bunny? A recent article rated their favorites

1. Lindt

2. Hershey Bliss

3. Godiva

Just because it costs more, doesn't  mean it's better.  I would have placed Godiva at #1. I always buy local, Choco Logo and Fowlers are among my favorite. They are always at the top of my list.

Via Yahoo