People tend to create a mask or put up their walls to come across as if everything is okay in their lives and with others.

However, Delilah explains that you may become tired and weary by doing so and to replace the lie with a more gratifying sense of peace and serenity.

How are you today? And don't give me the surface, sugar-coated answer. How are you really?

Do you ever have days where you feel like you have to put up walls or wear a mask and pretend like everything is okay? That's part of the reason I love doing radio at night because all the walls come down and masks come off and the busyness of the day is hushed.

I think most of us have experienced a period in time where we have tried hard to be something we're not. We've all dipped our feet into the pool of deceit. It could be anything from trying to fit in with a group of people, to lying about our lifestyle, religion, traditions, to trying to hide a drug addiction in front of friends and family and peers. It could be covering your worry and anxiety with a happy face as soon as a friend shows up at your door. It could be many, many scenarios played out...

You know what happens when you wear a mask instead of show your true self? You become tired. Not just tired, but weary. Because all of your energy goes into perpetuating the myth of the life you live instead of going into all the things you were born to do and the talents you were given.

When you are transparent and let your peers see you for who you are, things come together in a beautiful way. You begin to live an authentic life filled with purpose and meaning and joy. Only then, when you are true to yourself, can you also be true to the ones you love.

Today, evaluate if there is an area of your life that you've covered in a mask or hid behind a wall, and think about tearing it down to let people in, or to get help, or to make a replace the lie with a much more gratifying sense of peace.

How do YOU help yourself to create serenity and peace? Comment below!

Rachel Specht contributed to this post