96.1 JOY FM is your 'At Work Station' and since tomorrow Friday June 22 is "Take Your Dog To Work Day" we thought it advisable to give you some of the do's and don'ts...

  • There is no "P" in "Office"

    Make sure your dog's bathroom needs are taken care of before the visit. No one wants a "wet spot" or "baby ruth" under their desk.

  • "Sneezy" Not one of the "7 Dwarfs"

    Make sure your neighboring co-workers are not allergic to dogs.

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    Some dogs may revel at the idea of extra attention by less familiar people, others especially older dogs make become anxious by the unfamiliar surroundings. Make sure your dog is not panting, wining or otherwise disturbed.

  • Meet my four-legged furry child

    Warning...bringing your dog to work will attract all the animal lovers in the office. Let them approach you and your pet...DO NOT force your pet to make "friends".

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