Lorie Davenport and Tina Thain take Black Friday seriously. Seriously seriously. They so wanted to be first in line at the Best Buy in St. Petersburg, Florida that they set up camp in front of the store a full nine days early. That put the two friends at the head of a line of bargain hunters expected to curl around the building by Thanksgiving night. They're also holding a spot for their husbands, children, other family members and a few friends. So there they sit-- in beach chairs outside a tent. Lorie said, "This is our sixth year. Usually we come six or seven days ahead and we've never been first. We just have a hooting time." Call them crazy but the effort has paid off in at least one way. Best Buy was so impressed by their efforts -- and probably grateful for all the publicity -- that they gave each of the women a free iPad. (St. Petersburg Times)

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