Time is running out to file your federal tax return. According to the IRS you have until April 17th, because the 15th fell on a Sunday and because of a holiday in Washington, yesteday April 16th.


You still have time to call your accountant, although he/she may ask what took you so long, and experts say tax software is another option, especially to catch valuable deductions and credits.

Experts say, “The American Opportunity credit, for education, for tuition, college costs, that one's worth up to $2,500. And you've got the Child Care credit, that's worth up to 35 percent of your child care costs.”

Diane Besunder, media spokesperson for the IRS told us you can file a six-month extension, but cautioned “It's an extension to file. Not an extension to pay.”

More information on filing for an extension and making tax payments can be found at www.irs.gov.



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