Miley Cyrus' so-called 'friend' was under fire by E! News Correspondants yesterday and instead of having her back, she kind of applauded the nasty comments made at Swift. In a matter of fact, the rude comments at Swift were made in comparing Swift to Cyrus. Apparently, you can't trust anyone nowadays. Here's the situation....

Chief Correspondent for E! News found himself in the middle of a feud between the fans Miley Cyrus & Taylor Swift. But, not for no reason. Ken Baker used Instagram some comments regarding some rude comments refeering to Taylor Swift 'sleeps around' & comparing her to Miley Cyrus who 'does not'.

Baker referred to Miley: "Is called a (insert rude term for sleeping around)...everyday. Has been with the same guy for three years".

Baker referred to Swift: "Is called sweet,  ellegant and inspiration. Has been with more than 13 guys in three years".

Which, is completely appropriate coming from a man in his 40s (enter sarcastic, disgusted laugh now).

The next red flag arose when Swift's so called 'friend' Miley Cyrus thanked the E! man for all the laughs. What a friend, huh? Can't trust anyone now adays.

What do you think?