The question here is would you like to smell like tea?  A new study out of the UK looked at favorite smells.  Fresh Bread topped the list, followed by cut grass, clean laundry and tea... yes tea!  The research has lead Tetley Tea to come out with their own limited edition fragrance!
FabSugarUK  reports Tetley Tea has launched a new "exotic and tropical tea-inspired fragrance from the rolling hills of Kenya" called "Le Brew by the Tea Folk."  A limited number of bottles of the new perfume were put up for sale on the Tetley Tea Shop  online on eBay and sold out in one morning.  The fragrance received high marks in reviews posted online.  There's no word if Tetley will offer another batch up anytime soon!
 And, in case you're wondering, the complete list of favorite scents is as follows:
1.  Fresh Bread

2.  Cut Grass

3.  Clean Laundry

4.  Tea

5.  Coffee

6.  BBQ

7.  Petrol

8.  Chocolate (Alright, now we're talking!)

9.  Cakes

10.  New Books (Huh?)

Now, with all due respect, I have not had the chance to sample Tetley's new tea perfume.  I can say though that I love the smell of Cheerios in the morning here in Buffalo, but I would not want to wear it.  I love the smell of vanilla though, and often buy vanilla-scented lotion.  As much as I love chocolate, I'd rather eat it than wear it!

So what's your favorite... and would you wear it?