The TV line up didn't change much last night, but the faces did!

Ted Danson turned up on CSI as DB Russell. His character replaces Laurence Fishburne on the show. Danson's new character is a bit quirky, easy going but has definite opinions on how he likes things done!

After 12 seasons, Christopher Meloni who plays Elliott on Law and Order SVU has left the show. Meloni's departure follows failed contract negotiations. (Mariska Hargitay who plays Olivia is also reducing her workload, making way for some new faces this season.)

On Criminal Minds, Paget Brewster is back as Emily Prentice. She returned to work on another case involving former love Ian Doyle and his son's kidnapping, but apparently she's staying. Her return was welcomed by many fans who thought she had exited the show after last season's finale in which her death was faked.