I had to laugh at all my teacher friends' postings on facebook Tuesday...  everyone elated about what might be (and turned out to be) a snow day on Wednesday!  Joe and I never get snow days...  which led to a conversation about the worst jobs ever.  Snowplow drivers, they never get a snow day either.  Firefighters work out in the cold with water, can you say freezing?  So, today we asked you what's the worst job ever?

Despite the snow, you came through again with some great responses!

Georgia called in to say she used to work for a newspaper taking personal ads over the phone...  imagine "male seeking female with big feet to stomp grapes."  Seriously, she says she lost some of her innocence working that job.

On facebook, Ellen says telemarketing is a bum job...  "sitting in a chair all day... torture on the back at end of day...and not to mention the sore throat at end of day as well." 

Another post from Jolene (who obviously had a bad night) says cleaning up after a sick kid is the pits...  "cleaning up after your child gets sick in the middle of the night - while sleeping on the top bunk - and he manages to lean over the bunk bed rail to get sick, thus hitting the top bunk, bottom bunk, bedding on both beds, carpet & the beloved stuffed animal from the bottom bunk. yep - pretty disgusting."  (But you gotta love being a mom!  Jolene did add, "i'm saying it's the worst job ever only because it's also the most recent in my mind. ask this question on another day, and i might have a different response"...  poor Jolene, get some sleep!)

Patricia posted being a Trauma Surgeon is a tough one... she says great people, but hard work.

On the lighter side,  Jessika says people who pick up road kill have the worst job ever.  Yeah, that's never a fun one. 

So what do you think...  serious or funny, what's the worst job ever?  A friend of mine gave me this humorous list:  Albert Einstein's teacher, Bill Gates accountant, Jeff Gordon's defensive driving instructor, Santa Claus' mailman and Lindsay Lohan''s bartender.  Feel free to come up with your own list... log in and blog below!  :)