So what can you do in ten seconds to improve your health?  (Hint, one idea has something to do with your rear view mirror.)  Surprisingly, there are quite a few quick, simple, easy and unusual decisions we can make to improve our overall well being!

"Yahoo! Health"  is giving out simple yet solid advice to improve your health like "tilt up your rear view mirror."  (Sounds ridiculous, but there's a method to the madness, read on!)  If you tilt it up just far enough to force yourself into an upright sitting position, you'll improve your posture.  Easy, yet important!

So what are some of the other ten-second health tips you ask?  Hmmm, how about lean back in your office chair, seriously!  I love this.  Sitting at a 90-degree angle apparently strains your spine, so adjust your chair and  lean back at a 45 degree angle.  Yeah, that's right lean back, but don't put your feet up...  (that could strain you wallet if your boss thinks your goofing off!)

A few other tips include eating bacon and eggs for breakfast (no kidding),  don't blow your nose when you have a cold (lots of wiping instead), and laugh, a lot!  For the complete list of ten-second health tips check out "Yahoo! Health"  and, please, post your own little tricks here!