Does your teenager seem to be attached to his or her cell phone?  It's no secret that texting among teens is hands down the preferred way to be in touch.  Here's some interesting texting tidbits...A text message will more likely yield a response than a phone call.  Text messages are limited to 160 characters.  The "QWERTY" keyboard is of course the easiest way to text.  (Just like the keyboard on your computer!)  25-percent of teens in relationships actually communicate with a boyfriend or girlfriend via text between midnight and 5am.  The average teen between the ages of 13 and 17 sends more than 1700 texts a month, according to Nielsen Mobile. 

Some other interesting information on texting...  The Wireless Association and Harris Interactive found 42-percent of teens say they can text while blindfolded,  45-percent of teens say their cell phone is the key to their social life, and 47-percent say it would destroy or hurt their social life if they could no longer text on their cell phone.

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