The National Tour of "The Adamms Family" stage production rolled into town on Tuesday, and the show seems to be receiving mixed reviews.

"The Adamms Family" comes to life with the same characters that we know from TV, but focuses on an original story which turns out to be every father's nightmare. The writers of the production manage to capture the weird and wacky lifestyle of the Adamms Family, while focusing on the themes of love and honesty.

In my personal opinion, I thought the first half of the show was very entertaining. The music was lively, the singing was enjoyable, and the actors did a great job of getting the audience to laugh. I went into intermission with a smile and looking forward to seeing the rest of the show.

However, the 2nd act was boring right from the start. It was kind of obviously how things were going to end, and as predicted they all 'lived happily ever after...'  I think the show could have ended at intermission and everyone would have walked away happy.

Overall, I'd give the production 6 out of 10 stars.

~Keith Kelly