Ellen DeGeneres knew Ben made a huge mistake by picking Courtney as the 16th season of ABC's "The Bachelor" wrapped up last night.  What do you think?

Ben Flajnik not only offered Courtney Robertson the final rose, he also got down on one knee and asked the Scottsdale, Arizona model to marry him.  Throughout the season, Courtney had earned a reputation as the bad girl of the show, often butting heads with the other women.  Still, she found a way to win Ben's heart over her final competitor, Lindzi Cox.  The Seattle business development manager was an early favorite to win Ben's affection.

Ellen tried to warn Ben he was making a "Big Mistake" by proposing to Courtney.  Check out this video and then tell us what you think!

Now what you may or may not know, is the couple has split up since the finale was taped. (I guess Ellen was right, "Big Mistake.")