We asked our listeners and Facebook friends for their best and worst wedding stories this week.  Joe, Keith and I shared a few as well.  We were left laughing and at times, crying, in the studio.  

The most hysterical story came from our man, Keith, a wedding singer.  Keith kicked things off by complaining about brides who are late for the ceremony.  He's left so annoyed when this happens, he's told photographers no photos before the church -- wait till after!  I laughed so hard.  It's such a big day for this couple, and Keith's worried about making his next appointment!

The saddest story was from a bride whose groom was caught coming out of the bathroom with an ex-girlfriend as the DJ called the couple out on the dance floor for their "first dance" at the reception.  The marriage lasted nine months.

We've also had a bride call in who said she woke up with poison ivy on her wedding day.  Lots of Facebook friends chimed in too! 

I'd love to hear your wedding stories!  Feel free to share them below!