Wow, it's already August 1st and we still have so much to do this summer!  We made it to Cedar Point, spent some time with family and friends, and been to the movies a few times.  Jen's made some fantastic  lacrosse memories and my son has had a fantastic time with "The Boys of Blue" -- "Lancaster Blue."  That's my son's travel baseball team, officially known as the Lancaster Blue 10 and Under Travel Baseball Team. 

While I was off for a few days, "Blue" won the Clarence League 10U Division Championship.  A great 6-4 victory for the boys and coaches following a nailbiting game with North Buffalo.  Winning the division championship though is just one of many great memories of "Blue" this summer.  12 boys, 5 coaches,11 families and a lot of heart.  The boys worked hard to improve this season, winning games against the odds at times.  We marveled at our great pitching, phenominal catches, several amazing double plays.  Our little men battled at the plate too, not always getting the big hits - but hitting nonetheless to keep us in the game.  Occasionally though, there were big hits! 

The most memorable  moments for me though, were not all on the field.  When I look back on "The Boys of Blue" this summer, I'll remember the smiles and laughter shared not only by the boys, but their siblings, parents and coaches.  I'll recall their cheers for each other, friendships built on and off the field, trips for ice cream, pool parties and the way these 9- and 1o-year-old boys reacted when one of their teammates was struck in the head by a line drive while pitching.  They've all matured, they have more fight in them then ever.  "Blue" closes out the season this week with a few scrimmages and then for many of the boys it's on to hockey or soccer.  As time goes by, "Blue" will become a memory...  but it will be among the best of the summer of 2011.

What's your best summer memory so far?