This week marks a big anniversary. It was September 26, 1969, when 'The Brady Bunch' made its television debut. Whether you watched the first time around like me, or watched it in reruns, it will go down in TV history as a classic. So you think you know the show? Let's test your 'Brady Bunch' IQ!

Here are three tough questions about the Bradys. Test your family and friends. And no fair looking the answers up online. You'll find the answers by going to the JOY FM Facebook page (just look for my post). In the meantime, one listen to the theme song and it'll be playing in your head all day long. OK, ready?

  1. Q/ What was the Bradys home address?
  2. Q/ What was Alice's last name?
  3. Q/ What color was their refrigerator?

Good luck!