The busiest time of day for women is in the morning, according to a Harris Interactive survey that was conducted for Nearly 30% of women feel most pressed for time in the early morning hours of their day, from 6-9am, while an additional 20% say the craziest time of day is in the early evening, from 5-8pm. And get this -- The Bureau of Labor Statistics estimates that women will represent a majority of the workforce for the first time in history within the next year and despite women working outside the home more. This is how women actually spend their time vs. how they would like to spend it:

  • Domestic chores: 49%
  • Paying bills, 47%
  • Running errands: 47
  • Making phone calls: 23
  • Texting and e-mailing: 23 percent

If they had more time, what would women like to do?

  • Entertainment, such as reading, watching TV or surfing the Internet: 65%
  • Spend time with family and friends: 54%
  • Physical activities, such as working out or running: 46%