Today was the day MANY women waited for....but that only five could compete in.  The opportunity to go "BEFORE HE CHEATS" on a car!  

The aggression was building....the anxiety was palpable.  One woman had to drop out at the last minute, so our four contestants were ready.

We gathered at Mark's Auto Parts, and the ladies had a series of four integral steps (amended for safety):

  • Dug My Key Into the Side......Scratch Carrie's name into the trunk of the car without going outside the lines.
  • Carve My Name Into His Leather Seats....."Carve" (with a Sharpie) Joy FM into the "leather" (upholstered) seat.
  • Took a Louisville Slugger to Both Headlights....Smash the headlights with a baseball bat.
  • Slash a Hole in All Four Tires....Spray-paint each tire.

Whoever had the fastest time won meet and greet passes with Carrie and tickets to her Tuesday show at the First Niagara Center!

And here are the results (and I get my own crack at the car at the very end of the video, which was EXHILARATING!)!