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Thank you God.  It's over.  Well PART of it is.  No more HE WON...NO, HE WON the debate....not gonna miss that.  Now HERE COME THE CAMPAIGN ADS!!!


With 14 more days before the election we'll be treated to really deep voiced voice guys warning you of impending doom if you vote for a certain candidate.  He shipped jobs to HE has money in the Camen islands....AHHH!!!!!!

Here's my idea to survive before election day...take any day before the election and gather friends together and play this drinking game. Normally I would not condone such activity but seriously...we gotta do SOMETHING to get through this...and I'm thinking liquor is the only way.  During prime time TV split your group into 2 Romney and team Obama.  Now these teams need to be on the OPPOSITE of who they're voting for...If you're an Obama guy, you'll be on the Romney team for this game.  Every time a campaign ad comes on for your team here's what you do:

*When a OBAMA ad comes on and mentions that Mitt is an out-of-touch rich guy, the OBAMA team does a shot.

*When a ROMNEY ad comes on and mentions that Barrack had 4 years to change the economy and didn't do it the ROMNEY team does a shot.

Both teams will be schnokered within the half-hour and the remaining night of political ads will then be tolerable.

You're welcome!