Laura Daniels and I got sucked into 'The Following' and if you haven't seen it we highly recommend it! I will warn you that it's a little gory, a serious thriller you will definitely want to be able to rewind, and it's also highly addictive! You have plenty of time to catch up since Season 2 will not be back until January!

After the Season 1 finale, there were a lot of questions. Here are some things you should know about Season 2!

Kevin Bacon (The Following- Facebook)

1- Prepare for a flash forward. The FBI made a lot of mistakes and now they will have to answer for them!

2- Claire will be back. At the end of the season finale, she had a knife in her back but she will be back "in a limited capacity." Sorry, that's all the information I have!

James Purefoy (The Following- Facebook)

3- Finally, Joe Carroll will be back and he will be hairy! James Purefoy who plays Carroll was at Comic Con with a very bushy beard he said he was growing out for the show!

If you are looking for the lighter side of Kevin Bacon, this is for you! It isn't safe for work, but if you have ever wanted to know more about Kevin Bacon past the '7 degrees' here you go!

The Bacon Brother's Newlywed Game (NSFW)