If I asked you to name the greatest food in the history of mankind, I'm willing to bet -- even if I gave you 50,000 chances -- you'd NEVER get it right (unless the giant picture above gives it away).

Economists behind "Freakonomics" say the McDonald's McDouble is the greatest food in human history. And when you look at the reasons why, it kind of makes sense: Putting your feelings about fast food aside, there's never before been a chance to get so much for so little cash. The $1 burger provides 390 calories, plus 50 percent of your protein, 20 percent of your calcium and 7 percent of your fiber.

Supposedly, the entire world could survive forever just eating McDoubles.

I certainly don't recommend it though....ya know, unless there's some kind of cataclysmic event that takes out every single food source EXCEPT the golden arches.

Craziest thing ever? The runner-up for best food in human history is...boiled lentils.