The feeling of rejection is never taken lightly by the person receiving the judgment.

In this case, a loyal listener is being rejected by the person who she thought would never turn their back on her.

Dear Delilah,

I used to talk to my dad about everything. But our relationship took a turn for the worse when I got pregnant out of wedlock at the age of 20. He didn't say much about it. He didn't come to the hospital to see his new grandson. When I visited him, he wouldn't be in the same room as me or hold his grandbaby. I then moved closer to him so my son could be close to family. Still my dad doesn't acknowledge my son. I've tried talking to him but he refuses to listen. I understand I might not be the perfect daughter he thought I was but I'm a great mom and I'm learning from my mistakes. I just want the relationship I used to have with my dad and I don't want my son to be an outsider. But I feel like I'm out of options. Do you have any words of advice? Sincerely, "Feeling Alone"

Dear "Feeling Alone,"

Love is unconditional. If it is not unconditional, it is not love. If your father rejected you because you got pregnant out of wedlock, then chasing after his affection is not going to work. Your father is a broken, bitter, foolish man. He is letting his pride foolishly control his decisions and that is just plain nonsense. How anyone can turn their back on a newborn baby and their daughter and refuse to listen to reason, I don't understand. I tried everything with my own father who disowned me after I married a man of a different ethnic background - Christmas cards, letters, phone calls - but when someone has made up their mind to be a hard-hearted fool, you can't talk them out of that. All you can do is love your son and teach him what true, unconditional love is all about. And I suggest you surround yourself with people who will love you and give you wisdom and be there for you both. Good luck and God bless you. Delilah

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Rachel Specht contributed to this post