There's a good chance you may wish you were more like this guy above: ear-less.

But, if you want a new sing-a-long that will chase unwanted in-laws, rowdy kids or that weirdo uncle out of your Easter celebration, we're pretty sure this will do the trick.

It's The JMR Good Time Band's version of the most feel-good song of the spring...just in time for Easter. We've posted the lyrics below as well. Enjoy!

You might see a bunny 'round here today (yeah!)
I know it's near, I'm talkin Easter Day (bunny!)
Yes it's true, we're dyin' Easter Eggs.
It's a scene with jelly beans, baby, by the way.

(Because I'm HOPPY)
Hop along if you feel like chocolate is good for you.
(Because I'm HOPPY)
Hop along if Cadbury is one of your food groups.
(Because I'm HOPPY)
Hop along the Easter Trail, we might gain a pound or two.
(Because I'm HOPPY)
Hop along  if you feel like pleasin' your sweet tooth.

(Again, we apologize...)


<3 Laura and Gordon