We manage to use water at least once in our daily routine without even thinking twice about it.

Water is an important part of how we live, but in the case of many other people throughout the world, water is a very limited item and people struggle to survive because of it.

Did you wake up today and refresh yourself with a tall glass of water? Did you take a shower? Did you wash your hands? Your clothes? The dirty dishes? Is water a critical ingredient in your recipe for dinner? Fresh water is such a vital part of our day and our health, yet we take for granted how easily it flows thru a faucet for us. We haven't had to think about how quickly our lives would change if water wasn't so readily available to us. Unfortunately, there are parts of the world where water isn't readily available and people do struggle to survive because of that fact.

The biggest challenge and biggest success to date for my organization, Point Hope, has been getting fresh water into Buduburam, a local village which hosts a large refugee camp in Ghana, West Africa. Before our Living Water Project was completed, people relied on dirty drinking water trucked in and sold at a high price, or they would try to filter rainwater and other runoff from gutters, gullies and trenches through sand and rock - drinking water that was unsanitary and disease-ridden.

Point Hope constructed a water tower, a pumping station and laid underground pipes to pump fresh water to spigots throughout the camp. We have installed 20 of these "fetching stations" which look a lot like something you might see in a garden here in America. Point Hope employs water vendors who monitor each fetching station, distributing affordable, fresh clean water daily. Today, illnesses from waterborne diseases have been all but wiped out in Buduburam.

Find out how you can get involved in Point Hope initiatives like the Living Water Project and be one person who makes a difference. Call 360-479-HOPE or email admin@pointhope.org.

God bless you with a wonderful week!

~ Delilah

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Rachel Specht contributed to this post