What's better than eating delicious vegetables and fruits when they're in season during the Spring and Summer?

Growing your OWN vegetables and fruits, of course!

If you've got a little bit of earth to work with, now is the time to plant your edible garden. When you really consider it, it's pretty amazing to be able to grow your own food in your backyard, or community garden, or on your own back porch. You can grow your own food. And you can do it just about anywhere with very little space on hand. What a gift to have this option available to us.

I grew up eating fresh vegetables from my grandparents' gardens. As a child I wouldn't have known how hard my grandparents had it because they could always put food on the table. Gardening was just something you did in their generation. It brought a little bit of peace to know there would always be food no matter how tough it got. That's how I feel about the importance of gardening today.

Not only does gardening bring me a sense of peace, it provides an escape from the stress of the day. There's no pressure to get it right. There's no due date. There's no pass or fail. There's only trial and error. There's only me and the dirt and the hope and excitement of things to come. And there's so much joy and accomplishment when you see the first sprouts and collect the first harvest. That's why I love to garden.

If you're well into gardening season, share with me what you've got growing in your garden, or how you're getting creative with small spaces. And send pictures! Email me at D@Delilah.com with your choice garden tips or best harvest recipes - it would make my day!

"Gardening is cheaper than therapy and you get tomatoes" - Anonymous

What do YOU like to grow in your garden? Comment below!

Rachel Specht contributed to this post