The Priceline Negotiator is back! William Shatner is back from the dead, following his firey demise earlier this year, while trying to save a busload of tourists.

There were rumors that the actor was gone for good, but the Chicago Tribune reports that 94% of customers told that they wanted the actor back.

In the newest TV ad (video below), a agent finds the Negotiator on a remote beach and urges him to return to the Priceline community.

"You've been busy for a dead man," the agent says, dramatic music tolling in the background. Shatner, surfboard in-tow, looks out at the sea. "Surfing is my life now," he says... "We'll see where the waves take me," before hurtling into the ocean with a "Sayonara, brah!". stock was pummeled last week after disappointing analysts with its third-quarter forecast. The Negotiator may have to save more than tourists this time.