We've all seen it....coworkers that spread a little too much holiday cheer at the office holiday party, and live to face the consequences in following days.  Cell phone cameras, social media, and the boss's watchful eye all make this a no-brainer -- just don't do anything stupid!


I know...it's tough.  By the time we reach this time of year, we're all anxious to burn off a little steam, and if you're going to have to do it with coworkers, might as well make it interesting, no?  I have it easy -- first, I'm the new girl here, so everything I do is bound to be scrutinized by every level of the food chain.  But also, I live in North Tonawanda, far from the downtown location of the JoyFM party, and being that I don't drink and drive, it was a safe bet I wasn't going to make a fool of myself (well, at least I'd remember it if I did!).

There's always "that guy/girl" at the party.  Whether it's the guy who doesn't want to be there, the secret couple they think NO ONE knows about (everyone knows, by the way), or the dessert hoarder who takes all the good stuff, we're going to see them.  Sometimes it's a whoopin' good time.  Others, it's a rite of passage.  Others still, it's just something you have to do.

Who did you see at your office party?  Or if it hasn't happened yet, can you predict exactly WHO will do WHAT?

A new survey said 96% of us have gone to work hungover after the office party...or at least know someone who has (I was impressed.  Here, there was only ONE guy that called in...but there were a LOT who didn't look like they were on their A-game for the first half of the day).  Almost half of us say we've seen a coworker do something inappropriate at the party.

So dish it...what have YOU seen that's questionable (no names, please)?  Have YOU ever done something at the office party you SO wish you hadn't???

<3 LD