I am a huge fan of breakfast and could eat it for any meal of the day! My friends and I call breakfast for dinner "brinner"!

My favorite breakfast sandwich of all time is a Taylor ham, egg and cheese on a hard roll, but if I can't find the Taylor ham, I go with bacon! (Yes, all the sandwiches you see in this post are mine.)

Taylor Ham, Egg & Cheese (Heather Davis)

Long weekends are the best time to cook food that you normally wouldn't, and breakfast is the quickest one to make! Below, I have included videos on how to make the perfect egg and perfect bacon for your breakfast sandwich. I always cook my bacon in the oven because it's less mess, so if you aren't doing that already, I highly recommend it!

Gordon Ramsey's perfect egg:

How to make bacon that will cover your bread:

Combine these two things together to make the best sandwich. I prefer a good bagel, but a roll is good too. **Don't forget the cheese!**