What do you get for the person who has everything ?  If someone on your list loves food, but they are in love with healthy food. Here are some great ideas I have come across in my shopping adventures. If you purchase on tell me what you think and please share your recipes.

1. Fit & Fresh food scale. - GNC.

 This is perfect if you are monitoring your portions closely. Warning 4 oz of meat can sometimes look smaller than a deck of cards. [more]

2. A food steamer - Target.

A food steamer is at the top of the list. I recently had a steamed Sweet potato that made me want to toss the microwave out of the window. Steamed is oohhh so delish!! [more]

3. Panini Press/Grill - William Sonoma

This is a great way to quickly prepare foods without making a big mess. Who does not love a  hot bowl of tomato soup and a warm turkey panini with side of grilled veggies. [more]

4. Juicer - Target

A Sunday morning is spectacular with fresh spinach, apple and carrot juice. I have given two of them away. I am thinking about removing the juicer from my cousins home as I discovered it had become a large dust bunny. More for me (smile). [more]